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So Cal's only All Female Curated Market

We empower every creative in an all-inclusive, culturally diverse, handmade and unique Curated Market. We provide a platform for every Female to thrive, connect and build commUNITY.

We proudly support every Maker and Small Business Owner by providing a platform for each of them to grow. We will be one of the first Non-Profits in the commUNITY of Maker Markets, and we are proud to be able to give back even more to our commUNITY of Merchants.

We focus on elevating, developing and encouraging the small business maker to thrive.

Welcome to the Female Maker Market!


98% of our commUNITY is a female or identifies as she/her. 2% of our CommUNITY is a male or identifies as a he/him.

We value diversity of all commUNITY here, and we never deny an applicant based on race, skin, sexual preference, sexual identification or political affiliation.

We consider all here because even though our basis is Female EmpowHERment, we believe that all are empowered here.

Join us this Mother's Day at Hangar 24 Redlands

Register today as a Merchant or Small Business Owner!