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Grow your Business + Brand with us! Now offering a multitude of opportunity this Fall for all of our CommUNITY. Applications are Open Now!

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This October 15th at the Bloom Brunch 2022

The Bloom Brunch, est. in 2019 and meant for every woman who is ready to Bloom! Hosted by, The Female Maker Market.

Are you ready to fully embrace in your highest potential to Bloom? Are you ready to connect with other women in business and expand your social CommUNITY? Have you been craving an opportunity to grow your business and educate yourself on ways to step into your highest potential for yourself, and your business? Are you not a Self-Made Entrepreneur and JUST want to get out of your bubble and meet new friends?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then we invite you!

Established in 2019, the Bloom Brunch is BACK and we are ready to get you and your business aligned and READY to end 2022 with a bang in business!

The Bloom Brunch has captivated women in business since 2019, and we are BACK to bring our CommUNITY the event they all have been waiting for to the OC!

The Female Maker Market originated in 2020 during a time of shutdown and redirection for so many women in business. Soul centric and driven with the Intention of empowering women in business, from artisans to creators, to independent merchants and service providers, and any woman in between. The Bloom Brunch meets the Female Maker Market for the Fall Brunch which includes captivating guest speakers, interactive break-out sessions, delicious chef-catered mimosa brunch, high energy DJ, shopping, and pop-up Female Maker Market, a desirable environment, centrally located in Tustin, CA and an entire day of FUN!

Who we are

The Female Maker Market started off as a vision for CommUNITY during a time when CommUNITY was the most broken. The Founder, Ronnie M, a Latina small business owner, maker, and designer of her own brand, Ronnie M jewelry + accessories, understood, more than anyone, the hardship of 2020 caused to ANY small business owner. Having to deal with the magnitude of closing her brick and mortar and having to bounce back by opening with restrictions of LA county, she was able to quickly understand the swift change of shopping and the in-person experience happening.

With the vision of supporting her existing CommUNITY, Ronnie took the vision of the "pop-up market" mindset, and turned it into a monumental opportunity that caught fire very quickly. With establishing one of the first All Female Curated Pop-Up Markets in the Inland Empire and LA County, Ronnie understood what it was going to take and the dedication needed to nurture not only the Female Maker Market but the development of women in business too.

Now, in 2022, she plans to expand the FMM CommUNITY to more developmental and in-person connections beyond the Pop-Up Market. Based in the Orange County and San Diego Markets, she is determined to grow the CommUNITY, and expand across the states in 2023.


A CommUNITY established in 2020, we value diversity of all CommUNITY here, especially supporting the diversity of the female collective.

As a female based CommUNITY, we embrace all who are called to be apart of what our mission is, which is to support the Female in Buisness and anyone who identifies as a woman as well.

We aim to provide the platform for women in buisness to not only grow, but expand in their abilities to connect to CommUNITY and also their personal brand growth.

We celebrate the 4 C's which are: Connection, Collaboration, Celebration and CommUNITY.